Specialized Cleaning to Remove Lead Dust

Specialized Cleaning to Remove Lead Dust

Unleaded LLC is a certified EPA lead testing company that services the 5 Boroughs of NYC.

Our Services

XRF Inspections

XRF testing can determine immediately if there is lead based paint present. XRF is utilized prior to any construction to be done, or to contest HPD presumed lead violations.

Dust Wipe Testing

A method for determining the presence of lead, using dust wipes to analyze surface dust in the environment.

Clearance Testing

When everything’s said and done, you need a company that ensures your safety when reoccupying your home or business. Our professionals carry out the clearance testing process with precision and efficiency, meaning your safety is our priority.

DOH Violations

The Department of Health wants to ensure the safety of people in their homes, especially children. Call us today if you’ve received an Order of the Commissioner or a Notice of Violation.

HPD Violations

NYC’s Housing Preservation and Development issues lead based paint violations. Call us today if you’ve received a violation.


Call us today for any lead based paint violations you may have received.


Unleaded can help you contest a lead based paint violation with the city.

Paint Chip Sampling

Paint chip sampling is performed to determine lead presence. HPD issues presumed lead based paint violations upon inconclusive XRF readings. These violations can be contested with paint chip samples.


As liability for lead paint exposure continues to rise, you need to be protected. Insurance companies have strict guidelines and requirements to include lead coverage in the policies. Call us today if your insurance company requires a lead inspection for your policy.


It’s a pleasure doing business with Unleaded LLC. They are always very accommodating regarding scheduling inspections, and always get us the results very quickly.

Unleaded LLC has the knowledge and resources to always get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for always responding so quickly and getting us the results and paperwork in such a timely fashion. We really enjoy working with such an efficient company.

Why us?

Certified Experience

The EPA mandates that professionals in the industry be certified in the latest testing requirements and regulations. Our technicians have years of experience and are fully certified.

Competitive Pricing

Unleaded LLC, offers flexible and affordable pricing. Call us today so we can develop a pricing structure to fit your needs.

Great Support

Our advantage doesn’t just come from our tools and knowledge. Our support is second to none. We help you through every step of the process and are available whenever you need us.


There’s only so much that can be learned from studying. You need a company with hands-on experience to get the job done right.